UAE EmaraTax is now live – New gateway to the future of tax administration

With the Federal Tax Authority’s new integrated tax platform EmaraTax going live from 5th December, 2022. Here are the key features of the new UAE EmaraTax platform. Get assistance from UAE Emara Tax Consultants in Dubai to guide you through the new tax portal.

What does the new EmaraTax Platform offer users?

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EMARA TAX- How it works?

1. New Login Pages:

Users now log in using their registered email ID or Emirates ID by connecting to the UAE Pass. If you already have an account with the FTA, your details have been migrated to EmaraTax. All you need to do is reset your password the first time you log in to the new platform.

2. User Types:

The users can select the user type from the list like Taxable Person, Legal Representative, Tax Agent, Tax Agency and then services will be specific to each user type.

3. Registration Overview:

The main page of the new platform shows a registration overview with options like Value Added Tax, Tax group, VAT Clearing Company, Excise Tax & Warehouse keeper.

4. Most used services

Another highlight of the new platform is that the most used services by the user are shown on the right-hand side of the home screen thus enabling users to go through those actions directly. Also, actions required or to be taken are also shown on the right side of the screen.

5. Offline VAT Return filings

Parallel to the online filing of the VAT 201 form for returns filing, an offline excel template is also shared by EmaraTax enabling users to fill the form offline and upload it any time later.

6. Allocation of VAT Payments:

A very specific change in the EmaraTax portal from the existing e-services portal is the option to allocate payments against specific liabilities. The user needs to select the required liability to be set off and then obtain a reference number. This number should then be used while making the payment to set off against the selected liability.

7. Advance Payments

Another key feature under the ‘Payments’ section is the option to make advance payments against a specific return.

8. My correspondence

The new platform also has a dedicated page ‘My Correspondence’ where you can find references for all the communications made with FTA.

9. Other Services

There is a page for all the other requirements which includes options like Inquiries, Complaints, Waivers, Penalty installment plans, Tax Agent infractions, Reconsiderations, Payment of VAT on commercial property sales, clearance certificates, excise goods list, etc.

Our Expert’s Opinion on EmaraTax

As the best Emara Tax Consultants in Dubai , we advise Taxpayers to check their registered email ID for any instruction sent by FTA. All existing user accounts will be automatically migrated to the new system with users required to reset their password at the time of first log in the new platform.