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The Chief Financial Officer of an organization is responsible for complete financial discipline, compliance & internal control. This role is very critical and significant as it also demands formulating business strategies, identifying & mitigating risks and becoming a mentor through leadership. His responsibilities are not limited to the finance function, but he is required to integrate throughout the organization and take a cohesive leadership. CFO services in Dubai, UAE assist you in comprehending your enterprise by creating detailed reports tailored to your sector and current requirements.

Financial management is often a key obstacle to achieving your business goals. CFO services in the UAE offer a solution by providing tailored financial insights and reports specific to your industry and current requirements. Elevate’s CFO services empower you to understand your business better, identifying both risks and opportunities for growth and stability. By availing CFO services from Elevate, you gain clarity on your financial position, paving the way for future success. Elevate stands out as one of the top accounting firms for CFO services in the UAE due to our exceptional financial solutions delivered transparently and at a budget-friendly cost.


Benefits of outsourced CFO services in Dubai

Support to Senior Management:

Assists the CEO and the board of directors to understand the financial structure and performance of the company thus helping in designing the vision & future roadmap of the business.

Access to Seasoned Professionals:

Provides access to a reliable team of finance professionals with experience in accounting, auditing, taxes, other compliance and regulatory aspects thus giving a comprehensive approach as if you had your own CFO.

Saves Time & Effort:

Takes away from the senior management the burden of hiring & training new resources. Teaming up with professionals having experience in varying industries, Outsourced CFO services help you cover all your financial base in a time bound & hassle free manner.

Effective Financial Reporting:

Analyzing the financials from a management perspective, outsourced CFO services in UAE will ensure to deliver of financial reports that give insight to the decision makers about the performance of the business, risks & challenges & future growth prospects.

Growth/Exit Strategies:

Hiring an outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can be beneficial for your company in many ways. One of the primary advantages is that they can help you create essential documents, such as business strategies and forecasts, which will prepare your company for either sale or expansion. With their experience and skills, an outsourced CFO can help you secure better terms for lending or investment and can also help you command a substantial premium during a sale.

Cash Flow Management:

An outsourced CFO will analyse your costs and revenues and create a plan to overcome financial obstacles. They will identify ways to save money and improve overall company performance.


Outsourced CFOs conduct thorough financial examinations, interpret projections, and make precise estimates to represent company goals.

Financial Planning & Analysis:

Virtual CFO will create data collection mechanisms, provide business data modeling and design the management reporting system, all tailored to your needs. Through monthly financials and analysis of results, targets, and KPI performance, your virtual CFO will work on innovative and practical solutions to enhance performance and profit.


Virtual CFOs are entirely objective and have considerable local knowledge, they can help plan and allocate resources across the organisation wholly in line with the financial goals and objectives. Accurate and timely reporting through effective communication tools will allow you to see and react to any changes.

Functions of Outsourced CFOs

In the realm of financial management, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) serves as a cornerstone for business advancement, intertwining financial insights with operational strategies to enhance overall company performance.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Preparing accurate financial reports
  • Preparing annual budgets
  • Balancing the internal controls
  • Guidance on drafting and implementing SOP
  • Cash flow management and forecasting
  • Review of contracts with suppliers and customers
  • Tax preparations
  • Cost analysis and expense control
  • Risk management and business advisory to the CEO
  • Cash and capital management
  • MIS report preparation
  • Expanding the influence of finance function
  • Enhancing and optimizing the financial operations
  • Cooperation with banks and other financial institutions.

What you can expect?

  • A CFO Service can be performed monthly or even weekly as required and will generate reports after understanding your industry and operations which will be digestible to the stakeholders and the board.
  • A CFO Service works similarly to an internal audit by overseeing your current bookkeeping practices and the staff involved and will ensure accountability in the functions by setting up a system of internal checks to ensure the financials are accurate.
  • As an outsourced CFO Service provider, we will also prepare and present budget and financial projections that enable the stakeholders to make strategic decisions.
  • You can also have your CFO be prepared for your board meetings where we can present the information to your board in a most-effective way.

Why Elevate?

Elevate is recognized as one of the leading accounting firms for CFO services in UAE, offering exceptional financial services with complete transparency and at an economical cost.

  1. Expert team of Finance Professionals: We have the best of the professionals in the industry whose vast knowledge and exposure in this field gives our clients a valuable insight into their state of affairs.
  2. Time Bound Services: As much as we give importance to deliver the finest and utmost comprehensive reports, we also equally value your time. We always make sure, our service is delivered well on time as per the initial agreement.
  3. Proven Industry Experience: Being in the industry for more than 10 years, we have handled the entire finance function for clients from varied background including restaurants, retail, manufacturing, oil & petroleum, health & education.
  4. Affordable Professional Charges: We always make sure the services we deliver surpass the price we charge. Providing top notch services at the most affordable prices has always been our priority. With us you will always be content with our price and service.

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