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The duties linked to the processing of legal papers, government paperwork, and all other documentation works associated with the business formation in the UAE are carried out by the PRO (public relations officer) who is also designated as the government liaison officer. The PRO services UAE includes a wide range of services. Some of them are employee-focused, while others are solely concerned with the creation and management of businesses. There are various legal processes that must be completed with the 'Dubai Economy & Tourism department or such other relevant licensing authority' in order to register and incorporate a corporation in Dubai. Our skilled advisers offer high-standard PRO services in UAE to quicken these requirements.

You require a qualified business consultant to set up and manage the procedures for your firm. We assist our clients with a range of government-related duties, including company and visa applications. By managing a wide range of documentation clearing and PRO services in Dubai, we assist you at every stage of the beginning to the successful running of your business. To make your PRO activities simple, our experts collaborate closely with the UAE government and ministry officials.


PRO service in Dubai

by Elevate Auditing & Accounting

  • New Company Formation
  • Trade License Renewal
  • New Employment Visa Processing
  • Employee Insurance Services
  • Renewal of Employment Visas
  • Preparations of Offer Letters as per new Labour Law
  • Cancellation of Employment Visas
  • Visa Cancellations
  • End of Service Preparation
  • Medical typing and applications
  • Emirates ID application &processing
  • Labour card Renewals
  • Employee Insurance
  • Company Establishment card processing &Renewal
  • Company immigration card renewal
  • Labour card updates
  • Quota applications and modifications
  • Labour and Immigration support services
  • PO Box renewals
  • Additional services tailored for the client
  • Consultancy Support
  • Company Share Amendments
  • Company License Termination
  • Help you to get NOC from Various Government Departments

Significance of PRO services UAE

Legal requirement - A working resident visa and work permits are required for all foreign employees of companies in the UAE. And in order to complete other non-business-related procedures, such as opening a bank account, getting an Emirates ID, getting a power connection, etc., these documents are also necessary. PRO services Dubai are essential to the operation of commercial facilities as well. Any error or carelessness on the part of the person or company could result in fines, penalties, or other unfavorable events.

Service that saves time - For organizations and commercial concerns, it is generally recommended to delegate the PRO-related duty to a business consultant. It takes a lot of time and effort to manage the complicated legal requirements associated with starting and maintaining a firm. Giving the job to a third-party organization will enable the business to concentrate on the core problems.

Benefits of hiring our Corporate PRO services

  • Our team is ready to work on your behalf, and they are regularly updating their knowledge and abilities as requirements and legislation change.
  • Many businesses rely on a single public relations firm for all of their government dealings, restricting their reach and efficiency. You can increase your PRO effectiveness and minimize your PRO deadlines by drawing on our significant experience.
  • While PRO is an important role, it falls outside of your HR department's core competencies. You may free up HR to focus on your business by outsourcing PRO.
  • Outsourcing your PRO functions save money on manpower and administration and various penalties, potentially saving you up to 60% on PRO costs.


Elevate an Accounting & Auditing firm, we understand the requirement of various documentation & clearance, No Objection Certificate and approval like DED, MOFA,Custom, RTA, DU, DEWA. We are completely familiar with the relevant processes and regulations for all PRO services, having worked with the successful establishment of several firms, branches, and representative offices all over UAE.
Elevate Auditing and Accounting has expertise with trusted partners, government authorities, and specialists in the legal and audit professions. Elevate takes a personalized approach to PRO services, providing a specialized service targeted to your company's needs. For many firms, processing government documentation can be a difficult procedure, especially for foreign investors unfamiliar with the region. Our service makes this easier by simplifying the procedure. We have highly experienced staff to provide seamless Government Liaison Services. At all times, our operational support team will ensure good client communication, follow-up process and document tracking.

PRO Services UAE

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