Getting your company through the liquidation process in Abu Dhabi is no simple task. At Elevate Auditing, we get it. We’ve been through the ropes, and we’re here to make it smooth for you. We specialize in Company Liquidation Services in Abu Dhabi and bring a ton of experience to the table. We know the ins and outs of the legal stuff and the step-by-step procedures to wind down your business in the bustling business scene of Abu Dhabi.

Dealing with the ever-changing rules and ensuring a seamless transition, particularly with specific licenses like Abu Dhabi Business Center Economic License, Abu Dhabi Commercial License Liquidation, and Abu Dhabi Mainland License Liquidation, can be challenging. As your go-to partner and Approved Liquidator in Abu Dhabi, We not only get the legal jargon, but we also know how to navigate it strategically. We’re all about giving you solutions that match the specific needs of your business.

Embarking on Abu Dhabi Mainland License Liquidation may seem daunting. At Elevate Auditing, we are dedicated to lightening that burden, offering personalized support throughout the entire liquidation journey. Our proficiency and client-focused approach make us the trusted choice for a seamless and successful company liquidation in Abu Dhabi.


Role of Approved Liquidator in Abu Dhabi

At Elevate Auditing, our role as an approved liquidator in Abu Dhabi extends far beyond conventional expectations. We undertake the responsibility of:

Thorough Asset Verification and Realization:

Our team diligently examines and realizes the company’s assets, employing strategies to extract maximum value and optimize returns for stakeholders.

Expert Debt Settlement:

With a wealth of experience, we facilitate the efficient settlement of outstanding debts and liabilities, ensuring a smooth liquidation process.

Equitable Asset Distribution:

We prioritize transparency, ensuring fair and equitable distribution of remaining assets among shareholders while upholding legal requirements.

Unwavering Legal Compliance:

As an approved liquidator, Elevate Auditing is committed to upholding the highest legal standards in all liquidation proceedings.

Documents Required for Abu Dhabi Company Liquidation

To initiate the process of the Abu Dhabi Business Liquidation Process, meticulous attention to documentation is imperative. Elevate Auditing as a Liquidation services provider in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, guides you through the compilation and submission of essential documents, including:

  • Minutes of the Meeting(Notarized)
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association(Notarized)
  • Trade license
  • Passport copies of shareholders
  • Passport copy of the manager
  • Liquidator's acceptance letter
  • Original financial statements
  • Original audited financial statements
  • Bank clearance letter
  • Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) clearance
  • Customs clearance certificate
  • Lease agreement cancellation proof
  • Confirmation of no liabilities
  • Clearance letter from utility providers (ADDC/DU/ETISALAT etc.)
  • Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) cancellation certificate
  • VAT deregistration certificate
  • Original rubber stamps and company seals
  • Liquidation report.

The procedure of Abu Dhabi Company Liquidation

Elevate Auditing, as an Approved Liquidator in Abu Dhabi, simplifies the Abu Dhabi Company Liquidation procedures, ensuring a systematic and strategic approach:

1. Minutes of the Meeting/Board Resolution (Notarized):

Prepare minutes of the meeting for company liquidation.

2. TAMM Application:

Use the TAMM app to link the company undergoing liquidation with the appointed liquidator.

3. Document Upload on TAMM:

After TAMM approval, upload the following documents:

  • Board of Resolution
  • Appointment of Liquidator Letter
  • Confirmation of the liquidator letter by the company

4. Approval Process:

 Await approval through TAMM.

5. DED Guidance:

Once approved, the Department of Economic Development (DED) will provide guidance on the next steps to proceed with the liquidation.

6. Newspaper Advertisement:

The advertisement will be taken care of by DED Abu Dhabi, and payment needs to be made to DED.

7. After the Publication:

DED will wait for any claims for 45 days.

8. Cancellation of Establishment Card:

Initiate the cancellation of the Establishment Card as per the regulatory requirements.

9. Final License Termination:

The final License Termination voucher will be generated from DED, and payment is required to obtain the Company Liquidation Certificate.

How Elevate Auditing Can Help in the Liquidation Process

Choose Elevate Auditing for a comprehensive Abu Dhabi Company Liquidation experience. Our specialized expertise covers Business Liquidation in Abu Dhabi, the intricacies of the Abu Dhabi Business Liquidation Process, and navigating the specific requirements for Company Liquidation in Abu Dhabi. As an Approved Liquidator in Abu Dhabi, we excel in handling the necessary documents, including Abu Dhabi Commercial License Liquidation and Abu Dhabi Business Center Economic License. Our team, experienced in liquidation processes in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, offers seamless and compliant services, making us the trusted partner for efficient and stress-free Abu Dhabi Company Liquidation.

Specialized Expertise:

Rely on our grasp of local regulations, ensuring a smooth, lawful liquidation process.

Strategic Asset Realization

Our team deploys strategic methods for optimal asset realization, ensuring maximum returns.

Compliance Assurance

Elevate Auditing guarantees strict adherence to all legal requirements, ensuring peace of mind.

Documentation Efficiency

Count on us for timely preparation and submission of necessary documents, reducing burdens.

Clear Communication

Stay informed with our clear, concise communication, ensuring transparency and collaboration.

Consult with us for best services