Prepare for FTA Inspection Today

The FTA conducts VAT audit in the UAE to allow the government to determine if a registered business is adhering to the tax laws and specifications under the VAT Laws. The FTA will investigate whether the taxable persons have collected all the taxes and paid to the government within the allotted timeframe. During a FTA [...]

What is a VAT health check in UAE?

An objective assessment of the effectiveness of the VAT procedures, paperwork, and control measures is known as a VAT Health Check. It includes a review of VAT returns, analysis of relevant business transactions, and the maintenance of tax records as required by the law. There need not be a specific reason for the FTA to[.....]

VAT fines and penalties in UAE

Certain VAT fines and penalties UAE are imposed when requirements of UAE VAT law are broken. Every taxpayer should be aware of the circumstances that might lead to the position of these penalties by the FTA. VAT fines are imposed in the UAE when a taxable person fails to follow the administrative procedure required by[.....]

Tax Agency in Dubai

VAT is an indirect tax on the supply of taxable goods & services in the UAE. Entities registered for VAT will be subject to a VAT audit voluntarily initiated by FTA to ensure that the entity has appropriately complied the law and all the tax liabilities are paid. The main purpose of VAT audit is[.....]