Company Setup

Why Elevate recommends a Company Formation in DMCC.

  • DMCC is highly recognized Licensing authority in UAE and in the world. When you present your company as DMCC company, that brings a high trust to your client .
  • Business Setup in DMCC is a dream for many because of the wonderful location and world class infrastructure
  • DMCC is based in the Shaikh Zayed Road
  • DMCC is the Largest Free Zone in UAE
  • Well connected by Metro so employees will prefer the location
  • 100% Tax free i.e zero percent personal tax and corporate tax
  • Excellent Infrastructure that balances residence and commercial buildings
  • For any business you can get clients/customers in the DMCC itself
  • Licensing Authority is not only professional, they are easy to reach
  • You will find multi national Support staff in DMCC authority like Indian, European & from the Philippines
  • Most of the services post licensing can be done online
  • 3 years Visa option
  • Business Owners can buy 100% free hold commercial & residential property
  • 10,000 people are working in DMCC, JLT
  • Bankers in UAE are good to consider for Bank Account opening for DMCC License


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ApplicationAED 1,035 (USD 281)ONE TIME
RegistrationAED 9,02O (USD 2,456)ONE TIME
Articles of Association (AOA)AED 2,O2O (USD 55O) not applicable for branch setupONE TIME
LicenceAED 20,285* (USD 5,523)ANNUAL
Establishment CardAED 1,825 (USD 496)ANNUAL
2-Years Visa (From Outside Country)AED 2462 + Employee Protection Insurance (EPI)1-Years Visa (From Outside Country)AED 2237 + Employee Protection Insurance (EPI)
2-Years Visa (From Inside Country)AED 2898 + Employee Protection Insurance (EPI)1-Years Visa (From Inside Country)AED 2672 + Employee Protection Insurance (EPI)
*This cost may vary based on the licence type and activities that you choose for your company.
**This cost may vary based on the applicant’s current UAE residence status and we can also offer 1 and 2 year residency visa.


DMCC alters a large selection of commercial office space including single units and multiple floors across 87 towers around the lakeside and park community. Members can choose between fitted space, she)l and core, single or multiple units and entire floors, Serviced offices, serviced desks and flexi desk solutions are also available.

Flexi DeskFrom AED 16,8OO* (USD 4,575)**Up to 3 visasANNUAL
Serviced officeFrom AED 35,OOO (USD 9,615)**4 to 5 visasANNUAL
Physical office for leaseFrom AED 5O – 150 per sq ft (USD 15-40 per sq ft)1 visa per 9 sq mANNUAL
Physical office for saleFrom AED 5OO – 1,500 per sq ft (USD 13O-4OO per sq ft)1 visa per 9 sq m
*For flexi desks there is an additional AED 1,OOO (USD 272) security deposit (refundable) and AED 656 (USD 179) admin charges.
**5% VAT inclusive


Created for medium and large companies


Package fee -1OO% upfront paymentAED 75,880
Package fee — two instalments payment*AED 47,357
AED 31,568

Services include:

  • Company registration
  • Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Establishment Card
  • Company licence valid for 3 years
  • Office Operational Fitness Certificate (OFC)
  • Company stamp and a Commemorative Certificate

Additional benefits:

  • Savings and flexible payments
  • Fast-tracked company setup process
  • Dedicated support with the company setup application typing and submission
  • Convenience of a three-year licence instead of one-year
  • Guaranteed price freeze on licence renewal
  • Extended provisional approval validity, if required
  • Add shareholders, directors, and licence activities without any additional charges (up to 3 months from licence issuance date)
  • 2O% discount on additional business activities and licence
  • Secure new business with the DMCC Business Matching Hub
  • Save up to AED 1O,OOO on additional services*

* Term and condition apply


Ideal for start-ups, SME’s and entrepreneurs

Company Registration
Articles of Association (AOA)
Establishment Card
Standard flexi desk (3 visa quota)
1 UAE Residency Visa (valid for 3 years)
1 Company Stamp
1 Commemorative Certificate
1 – Year Licence
Original cost:
AED 43,780
2 – Year Licence
Payment plan 1OO% upfront:
AED 81,701
Payment plan 2 instalments:
AED 88,738
3 – Year Licence
Payment plan 1OO% upfront:
AED 119,78O
Payment plan 2 instalments:
AED 123,354

Additional Benefits:

*  Secure new business with the DMCC Business Matching Hub
** Priority access to networking events


Tailored package for individual shareholders ( not for branches & subsidiaries )

Company Registration
Articles of Association (AOA)
Company Licence
1 Company Stamp and 1 Commemorative Certificate
Establishment Card
Special flexi desk (1 visa quota)
1 – Year Licence
Original cost:
AED 35,484

Term & Conditions Apply:

* Activities are limited to those permitted under a flexi desk property type
** For individually owned companies only (excludes branches and subsidiaries)


1-Years Visa (From Outside Country)AED 2,237
1-Years Visa (From Inside Country)AED 2,672
2-Years Visa (From Outside Country)AED 2,462
2-Years Visa (From Inside Country)AED 2,898
Emirates ID Typing ServicesAED 450
Normal Medical Fitness Certificate Typing ServicesStarting from AED 330
Medical InsuranceDependent on chosen package * (Annual Renewal)

This cost may vary based on the applicant’s current UAE Residency Status. This mentioned fee is applicable for applicants who are currently outside the UAE.

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