Requirements for Foreign Investors

  1. The investor must have at least AED 07 million worth of public investment, either in the form of a company or an investment fund or
  2. Minimum 60% of the total investment should not be in the form of any property or land.
  3. The Investor’s Investment should not be from a Loan amount. As an asset the invested amount gives full right and credit to the investor. Relevant proof of investment is required. i.e. Title Deed in case of real Estate.
  4. The investor should stay invested for at least 3 years.
  5. The Investor should have a Health Insurance cover.
  6. Investor can extend the Golden Visa to include any business partners. Each partner must contribute up to 07 million AED. The long-term visa can also include the holder’s family, one executive director, and one advisor.