Approved Auditors in UAE Free-Zone

Approved auditors in UAE free zones are professional firms or individuals who are licensed by the relevant free zone authority to conduct financial audits and provide assurance services to companies operating within the free zone.

Elevate Auditing in Dubai is a Free Zone Approved Audit firm in UAE. Our approved auditors deliver independent, objective, and high-quality auditing services in Dubai, UAE, and assurance services through our core audit principles and practices. We are committed to providing independent, efficient, effective, and comprehensive audits on time.

Being an approved free zone auditor in Dubai UAE, the team is well experienced and qualified to handle the audit as per the regulations and compliance requirements of the free zones.

Role of an Approved Auditor in UAE

An Approved Auditor plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and compliance of an Audit Firm with specific rules and regulations, as outlined below:

Accountability for Compliance

An Approved Auditor is constantly accountable for ensuring that the Audit Firm adheres to the relevant rules and regulations.

Auditor's Report Completion

The Approved Auditor is responsible for completing the Auditor’s Report in accordance with Section 11 of the Company Regulations.

Annual Accounts Approval

The Approved Auditor ensures that the annual accounts of the Member Company are approved by the board of directors and signed on their behalf.

Audit Report Authentication

The Audit Partner must sign and stamp the Audit Report, affirming its accuracy and authenticity.

Summary Sheet Completion

The Approved Auditor verifies that the Summary Sheet is fully and accurately completed based on the information provided in the Annual Financial Statements (AFS) and is signed and stamped by the Audit Partner.

Assurance and Compliance

The primary role of the Approved Auditor is to obtain reasonable assurance that the annual accounts are free from material misstatements, whether due to fraud or error, and that they are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.

Audit Report Content

The Approved Auditor ensures that the Auditor’s Report includes critical assessments, such as the conformity of accounts with International Financial Reporting Standards, a true representation of profit and loss, the state of the Member Company’s affairs, and compliance with its commercial license.

Opinion Disclosure

The Approved Auditor discloses any applicable opinions in the Auditor’s Report, including “adverse opinion,” “disclaimer of opinion,” or “qualified opinion,” as required.


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Why Choose Elevate as Your Approved Auditor in UAE?

Elevate is your trusted partner for top-notch auditing services across the UAE, with a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to enhancing your financial management and business strategies. Our commitment to your trust is unwavering, and we are here to empower your journey toward achieving your business objectives.

As an approved auditors in UAE Free Zones, our experts are well-equipped to address your auditing needs comprehensively. We go beyond the numbers, delving deep into your current performance to offer strategic insights that will optimize your readiness for significant investment opportunities. We specialize in identifying and harnessing these investment prospects for forward-thinking investors who value visionary financial strategies.

In addition to our auditing expertise, Elevate provides a range of essential services, including Accounting Services, VAT & Tax Consultancy, Implementation of Accounting Software, CFO Services, and Business Advisory Services. We are your holistic financial partner, dedicated to your success and growth in the dynamic UAE business landscape.

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