DMCC Approved Auditors

An External Auditor’s main role starts smoothly if the Book of Accounts is maintained perfectly by business entity. We Elevate Auditing is a registered Audit Company in DMCC, has maintained our presence and reputation in DMCC from last 7 years. Since inception of the company we are considered as an DMCC Approved Audit company. DMCC […]

Revenue report in UAE

Maintain Revenue Reports for your business in UAE

Importance of maintaining sales report periodically for your business Sales Report/Revenue Report /Gross Sales Audit /Turn Over Audit : Revenue for the Shopping Mall Management industry is expected to decline over the next five years, primarily due to unfavorable changes in broad economic factors. Home Delivery & booming of ecommerce during pandemic. Surprisingly for Home[…..]

internal audit in Dubai, UAE

What is internal audit?

Internal auditing services in Dubai, UAE Internal audit is an independent consulting activity designed to involved in helping organizations to achieve their objectives. Internal auditing services in Dubai activities are generally focused on three principles areas.  These principles are Financial Reporting, Time Value of Money, and Compliance Review. Internal auditing services in Dubai activities must be[…..]