DMCC company formation and its Benefits

Elevate is a business consultant in Dubai that has a great clientele base of the company which we have assisted in the DMCC company formation. Our team of experts will guide you in each step for the company formation and ease it for you. Be it the legal work or any type of paperwork, we will be there to take care of it efficiently.

DMCC is one of the largest free zone in Dubai which provides many benefits which one usually won’t get in any other zone. The DMCC is the best option if you want a company formation in UAE in a free zone. The firm with 100 percent ownership and need a good location to start with DMCC is the best location. The DMCC permits a wide range of activities in addition to trade. It also permits several activities that are not permitted in other free zones, such as gold and precious metals trading, diamonds, and colorful stones trading.

Here are a few of the detailed benefits of DMCC business setup

• 100% foreign ownership.

• Zero corporate tax and personal income tax rate.

• 50 years’ of guaranteed tax holiday.

•  Wide range of permitted business activities.

•  Effective immigration services, inclusive of visa support.

•  Offers flexible office solutions like serviced offices, Flexi desks, and shared offices.

•  Online customer services like online portals and effective online solutions.

•  Training on the latest development in regulations.

Why choose DMCC?

• World’s largest free zone and Centre for global commodity trading.

• Awardee of ‘Global Free Zone of the Year’ by Financial Times FDI magazine thrice.

 • Great connectivity to metro and roadways.

• Great range of business activities.

• Across 60 towers as an option for office space.

• All free zone benefits

The requirements for DMCC company formation are as same as for any other business in Dubai. That means one should prepare the same set of documents as when incorporating a company in the Dubai trade register. Below mentioned is the list of documents required for the DMCC business set up

• Application form filled correctly and completely

• Copy of passports of Emirates id and UAE visa

• Summary of the business plan

• Office address in DMCC

• Power of attorney of Director, Manager, Secretary, and Specimen signature

• Copies of parent company’s documents (only in case the branch of the company is being set up)

• NOC of the sponsor if holding a UAE residence visa

DMCC license activities list

• Trading license

• General trading license

• Industrial license

• Branch company       

• Service license

To avail and hold a license for DMCC company registration, an applicant must have the following –

• Valid company registration in the DMCC administration.

• Valid rental agreement to freehold title to real estate.

• Do not collide with any component of the DMCC Rules, as well as any other applicable laws, rules, and regulations in Dubai, as well as any aspects of UAE federal law.

Starting a business in DMCC will assure growth and profitability to your business, and our business consultants in Dubai can assist you in getting started. The DMCC has acknowledged us for our experience and relations with the number of companies we have assisted in this free zone over the years. Our professionals will ensure that you concentrate on your business while we handle all of the administrative details. Our trained professionals are available to help you get started with the proper tools and support if you wish to launch an easy business setup in Dubai.

Following are the standard pricing we at Elevate offer for the DMCC company formation in the free zone

• Application – AED 1,035 one time

• Registration fees – AED 9,020 one time

• Article of Association – AED 2,020 one time

• License – AED 20,285 annually

• Establishment card – AED 1,825 annually

• Total for the first year – AED 34,185

For your business setup in Dubai or anywhere one obviously needs an office for the operation of the company. DMCC company formation offers great office options but it would be smart to opt for a Flexi desk in the initial years of the business. A company selects the type of office according to the size, type, and activities of the business. Following are the pricing that we offer for the office set up to our clients –

• Flexi desk –

  1. Starting from AED 16,800 annually
  2. Get up to 3 visas

• Serviced office –

  1. Starting from AED 25,000 annually
  2. Get up to 4 – 5 visas

• Physical office –

  1. Starting from AED 60 – 70 annually per square feet.
  2. Visa permissible is 1 visa for every 96 square feet.

We are the perfect partner to help you through your business setup in Dubai. Our knowledge of the procedures and great working relationship with the free zone authorities makes sure that your business grows at a great pace.