Auditing for UAE Golden Visa

In 2019, UAE launched a new system for long-term residence visas i.e. the Golden Visa. This visa enables foreigners to study, work, and live in UAE without the requirement of the national sponsor. The businessman can conduct their business in mainland UAE with 100 percent sponsorship. The visa is issued for 5 to 10 years and is renewed automatically.  This visa was implemented with the motive to attract new foreign residents to the country.

The golden visa system is brought to offer long term residency to the below-mentioned groups –

•        Investors

•        Entrepreneurs

•        Individual with outstanding talents like research

•        Medical professionals

•        Remarkable students

People from the above-mentioned group must fulfill few requirements to be able to avail the Golden visa. The investors have a worth of AED 10 million in public investment. That should be certified by an Auditor in Dubai.  The investment can be in the form of an investment fund or company. Apart from investors and entrepreneurs, people with special talent can also apply for a golden visa. This group includes researchers, doctors, scientists, and artists. This group can be granted the 10 years following the accreditations granted by the individual departments. Apart from these, the special talent must be documented by patents or scientific research published with reputed journals.

The UAE’s Golden visa is availed by many Indians who are eager to settle their business there. Elevate as an Audit company in UAE has certified the Net Investment of a person in UAE that helped them to get a Golden Visa. Dubai offers flexibility, safety, and a unique living experience in a world-class city. The golden visa has been very beneficial during the time of pandemic as it was given to many frontline healthcare staffs. Since then been more and more in trend.

The norms for 5 years golden visa are almost the same as for 10 years is almost the same, just the investment for 5 years visa is AED 5 million.

To avail of this visa, one must have the auditing is done so that they are clear on their side. The Audit Report for Golden Visa will help to gain credibility on the company or the individual. The audit will help to have a true and fair report presented by the Audit company.

The need for Auditing arises when the individual wants to present his investment in UAE. His investment can be in Real Estate, Stock & investment in the business . By verifying the Audit Report the Immigration authority checks the eligibility of Golden visa.

Why conduct Auditing?

Auditing is an essential system to the organization itself, the government, the investors, creditors, shareholders, etc. They all depend on audited accounts owed to make essential decisions. Moreover, auditing helps in identifying the weakness of the company which might have been overlooked. The Audit Report for Golden Visa is considered as one of the most important documents in UAE as it provides the precise financial health of the company which helps them to get the visa.

•        Prevent fraud and suspicious activity

•        Enhance the credibility of the organization

•        Suggest the corrective measures

•        Implement quality control measures

•        Prolonged benefits to the firm

How to apply for the Golden Visa?

Interested individuals, who would want to use for the Golden Visa, might also additionally accomplish that via the internet site of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship — ICA (the eChannel for residency and citizenship), or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) which matches below the ministry. While ICA gives the best online channels, GDRFA gives each online and offline channel. The process for application is quite simple and straight forward which required the candidate to submit all the documents required availing the visa and is available to relocate to Dubai according to the business venture. The Audit Report for Golden Visa from reputed Auditors in Dubai makes the procedure hassle-free as they take care of the whole process and you focus on your business.

Benefits of Golden Visa

•        Personal bank account

•        Ability to rent a property

•        Sponsor your family

•        Tax exemption

•        Security

•        UAE’s driver’s license

Elevate is a renowned Auditing company in UAE that provides auditing services to all the Free zones set up in UAE. Our professionals understand the requirement and urgency of the client and work accordingly. Elevate Audit Company has a team of Auditor who are well versed with the rules and regulations about the formation and visa law of the UAE. Here’s how Elevate can help you with our Audit services in UAE

•        Market analysis for your business

•        Advice you on market

•        Prepare auditing reports and recommend improvements

•        Assess risk management tactics

•        Report systematic errors or internal frauds