Fro Virtual-Commercial-City signing and submission digitally, and the signatures are legally binding in the UAE By elevate Experts

Virtual Commercial City (VCC)

The Dubai virtual commercial city offers an innovative opportunity to register and manage a business online without the need to be a resident of Dubai or the UAE. You can access and operate your business from anywhere in the world. How to have a Dubai Registered business in Low cost? Your business idea is not[…..]

chief financial officer work services in dubai


Entrepreneurs naturally we are many different hats in their business. However, it is impossible to be an expert at everything. As a business owner, you keep a very close eye on the day to day business transactions and which is why you hire bookkeeper or accountant who is capable of handling your accounts, but note[…..]

internal audit in Dubai, UAE

What is internal audit?

Internal auditing services in Dubai, UAE Internal audit is an independent consulting activity designed to involved in helping organizations to achieve their objectives. Internal auditing services in Dubai activities are generally focused on three principles areas.  These principles are Financial Reporting, Time Value of Money, and Compliance Review. Internal auditing services in Dubai activities must be[…..]